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Working Group 3


Technology of WECs and WEC arrays

The activities of WECANet aim to reduce costs and risks of wave energy technologies, and to contribute to the advancement of the sector by dealing with: WEC survivability addressing structural loads, mooring and extreme loading of individual WECs and fully-integrated systems; WEC design optimization by developing common protocols, standards and guidelines of best practices for WECs and WEC arrays; electrical aspects such as control, grid integration, transmission to shore with a focus on stability of electricity production; installation, operation, cabling, WEC interconnections and maintenance of WEC arrays; and feasibility for co-location of wave and wind farms. WG3 aims at a better understanding of the techno-economic aspects of wave energy, which is a key objective of WECANet.


Dr. Irina Temiz

Working Group 3 Leader

Uppsala University



Dr. Constantine Michailides

Working Group 3 Vice Leader

Cyprus University of Technology


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