Core group members

The Action Management Committee (MC) can constitute a Core Group (CG); a Core Group typically consists of key leadership position holders and any other leadership positions within the COST Action deemed necessary by the Action MC. The Action MC has to approve the composition of the Core Group. The Core Group can take decision on matters for which it has been mandated by the MC. The Core Group should assist the Action Chair in determining, on behalf of the Action MC, from amongst eligible participants those who are entitled to be reimbursed. Whenever issues arise, which can directly impact the Work and Budget Plan and are not in the mandate of the Core Group, or for any other key decision regarding the COST Action’s management, the Core Group must first consult with the Action MC and by no means must decide exclusively.

Dr. Vicky Stratigaki

WECANet Chair

Ghent University


Prof. Peter Troch

Science Communication Manager

Ghent University


Prof. Liliana Rusu

STSM Coordinator

Dunarea de Jos University of Galati


Dr. Matt Folley

WECANet Vice Chair

Queen's University Belfast


Prof. Eva Loukogeorgaki

Grant Holder

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Ms. Xenia Loizidou

Gender Balance Coordinator



Working groups

The objectives of Working Groups (WG) are to perform the tasks required for a COST Action to fulfil its scientific objectives in line with those objectives defined in the COST Action’s MoU.

The WG Leader is responsible for:

  • Coordinating and managing activities and tasks associated with achieving the COST Action scientific and networking objectives specific to the Working Group in question, taking into account the COST Policy and Rules

  • Providing input for the preparation of the Progress Reports and Final Achievement Report and presenting the progress of the Working Group to the Action MC, and the COST Association, if deemed necessary

  • Ensuring the appropriate dissemination of results and outputs generated by the Working Group in order to maximise the impact of the COST Action

Prof. Moncho Gómez-Gesteira

Working Group 1 Leader

University of Vigo


Prof. Aleksander Grm

Working Group 1 Vice Leader

University of Ljubljana


Dr. Francesco Ferri

Working Group 2 Leader

Aalborg University


Prof. Lorenzo Cappietti

Working Group 2 Vice Leader

University of Florence


Dr. Irina Temiz

Working Group 3 Leader

Uppsala University


Dr. Constantine Michailides

Working Group 3 Vice Leader

Cyprus University of Technology


Dr. George Lavidas

Working Group 4 Leader

Delft University of Technology


Prof. Milen Baltov

Working Group 4 Vice Leader

Burgas Free University


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