Management committee members

The Action Management Committee (MC) is comprised of up to two Action MC members per COST Full or Cooperating Member participating in the Action. Each MC member from COST Full or Cooperating Members is nominated by their respective COST National Coordinator (CNC) according to national procedures. If a MC member cannot attend a MC meeting they can be replaced by a MC substitute; the Action Chair and Action Grant Holder should be informed accordingly. The CNC may also approve the ad hoc replacement of Action MC member(s) at Action MC meetings. Action MC members should inform the Action Chair in case the Action MC substitute will be replacing them at a relevant Action MC meeting. They should also inform the Action Grant Holder accordingly.

The Action MC is in charge of the management and implementation of the COST Action with a view to achieving the COST Action's scientific and technological objectives as specified in the COST Action’s MoU.

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