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WECANet is pleased to announce that the “1st WECANet Training Course” on Wave Energy was held on 18-22 March 2019 in Varna, Bulgaria 

The 1st WECANet Training Course on Wave Energy was planned for five days, with six hours of training per day. The Training Course was specifically designed for those relatively new to wave energy and covered the following topics: 

• Introduction to wave energy 
• Physics of ocean waves 
• Fundamentals of wave energy converters 
• Modelling and representation of the wave climate 
• Hydrodynamics of wave energy converters 
• Frequency-domain modelling of wave energy converters 
• Wave energy converter power-take off systems 
• Wave energy converter control systems 
• Calculating Annual Energy Production 
• Economics of wave energy converters 
• Techno-economic optimisation of wave energy converters 
• Understanding wave energy converter design 
• Wave-to-wire modelling of wave energy converters 
• Design and modelling of wave farms 
• Physical modelling of wave energy converters 
• Advanced modelling of wave energy converters 
• Mooring design for wave energy converters 

The 1st WECANet Training Course on Wave Energy was pleased to have the following tutors available to provide this course: 

• Dr Matt Folley, Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland 
• Dr Marco Alves, Wave Energy Centre, Lisbon, Portugal 
• Dr Gregory Payne, University of Strathclyde, Scotland 
• Dr Francesco Ferri, Aalborg University, Denmark 
• Prof. Jens-Peter Kofoed, Aalborg University, Denmark 
• Prof. Valery Penchev, Danube Coastal Research Association, Varna, Bulgaria 

The course book can be downloaded here for free:

Handbook of Ocean Wave Energy Ed. Pecher A. & Kofoed J.P., SpringerOpen, 2017

The photo album can be accessed here:


Participants of the WECANet Training School on 'Wave Energy' organised on 18-22 March 2019 in Varna, Bulgaria.

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