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Training School "Spectral-domain modelling of wave energy converters" Belfast, Northern Ireland 10/03/2020-11/03/2020


Spectral-domain modelling

Spectral-domain modelling is a modelling technique that can be applied to obtain the statistical response of the system, e.g. the expected average power capture or amplitude of motion. It is based on the assumption that the waves can be represented as a random process with known spectral characteristics. This assumption, which is common to many wave model means that it is possible to produce statistical estimates of the response with significantly less computational resources compared to time-domain models, which being significantly more accurate than frequency-domain models. Consequently, spectral-domain models are particularly suitable for estimating the annual energy production or sensitivity analyses where a large number of simulations need to be performed.

Training School Content

The Training School is planned for 2 days, with six hours of training per day; the first day will be lectures and the second day will be a workshop. The Training School is specifically designed for those who would like to investigate the potential for using spectral-domain modelling for the analysis of their wave energy converters and for those interested in developing this modelling technique. The Training School content will include:

Day 1 

March 10, Starting time: 9:00

  • An introduction and fundamentals of numerical modelling of wave energy converters

  • The technique of statistical linearization for spectral-domain modelling

  • The development of spectral-domain models of common non-linear elements

  • Further development of the spectral-domain modelling

Day 2

March 11, Ending time: 17:00

  • Development of spectral-domain models

Training School Tutors

  • Dr Matt Folley, Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland

  • Dr Paul Lamont-Kane, Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Funding Application Details

Applicants are invited to apply for a WECANet Training School Grant of 400€ towards travel and subsistence cost incurred to attend this course. Early Stage Researchers and PhD students in wave energy are eligible to apply for a grant as trainee in order to participate to
the WECANet Training School.

Eligible Trainees are:

  • Trainees from COST Full Members / COST Cooperating Member

  • Trainees from Approved NNC Institutions

  • Trainees from Approved European RTD Organisations.

The criteria for COST Action support can be found on the COST Action Vademecum. Any costs over 400€ must be covered by the applicant. The Grant will be award after verified attendance at the course. A total of 10 WECANet Training School Grants are available to support attendance of this Training School.

Applications for Training School Grants

Applications to attend the WECANet Training School on Spectral-domain Modelling of Wave Energy Converters and for the grant are closed.

Key Dates

Deadline for applications to be submitted: 10th January 2020
Notification of funding application outcome: 17th January 2020
Training School: 10th – 11th March 2020

More information on the application procedure in the pdf below.

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