WECANet COST Action CA17105

A pan-European Network for Marine Renewable Energy with a Focus on Wave Energy

The pressure of climate change and the growing energy demand has increased interest in marine renewable energy resources, such as wave energy which can be harvested through Wave Energy Converter (WECs) Arrays.

However, the wave energy industry is currently at a significant juncture in its development, facing a number of challenges which require that research re-focusses onto a techno-economic perspective, where the economics considers the full life-cycle costs of the technology. It also requires development of WECs suitable for niche markets, because in Europe there are inequalities regarding wave energy resources, wave energy companies, national programmes and investments. As a result, in Europe there are leading and non-leading countries in wave energy technology. The sector also needs to increase confidence of potential investors by reducing (non-)technological risks. This can be achieved through an interdisciplinary approach by involving engineers, economists, environmental scientists, legislation and policy experts etc. Consequently, the wave energy sector needs to receive the necessary attention compared to other more advanced and commercial ocean energy technologies (e.g. tidal and offshore wind).

The formation of the first pan-European Network on an interdisciplinary marine wave energy approach will contribute to large-scale WEC Array deployment by dealing with the current bottlenecks. The WECANet Action aims at a collaborative approach, as it provides a strong networking platform that also creates the space for dialogue between all stakeholders in wave energy. WECANet’s main target is the equal research, training, networking, collaboration and funding opportunities for all researchers and professionals, regardless of age, gender and country in order to obtain understanding in the main challenges governing the development of the wave energy sector.  Currently, 31 partner countries are active in the network.


The Marine Offshore Renewable Energy Lab (MOREnergy Lab) in collaboration with the Centre for Ocean Energy Research (COER) Maynooth, will host the 7th Wave Energy Workshop with invited experts from the ocean energy academic, industrial and policy community on the 29th of April in Turin, Italy. WECANet members and partners will present!

Official Invitation and program below.

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Special Issue "Offshore Renewables for a Transition to a Low Carbon Society"

We are inviting submissions to a Special Issue of  Journal of Marine Science and Engineering in the subject area "Offshore renewables for a transition to a low carbon society" and related topics. 

OES Annual Report 2021

The International Energy Agency Ocean Energy Systems (IEA-OESpublished its 2021 Annual Report

Read about the WECANet COST Action CA17105 mentioned as one of the IEA-OES highlights significant milestones achieved by projects around the world.

The information on WECANet is available in the section of the Report dedicated to Belgium, as provided by the Belgian Delegate of the Executive Committee of IEA-OES and

WECANet Chair Vicky Stratigaki.

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Core Group Meeting Athens

The WECANet Core Group will come together in Athens, Greece on 22-23 July 2021 to define upcoming activities. Check regularly the WECANet website and social media to be updated about upcoming funding possibilities for Training Schools, Short Term Scientific Missions, Publications, etc...  And, we hope to see you in 2022 on the final General Assembly!

Training school
"Blue Science & Technology Summer Training 2021"


WECANet is pleased to announce that the Maritime Module (week 2) of the Blue Science & Technology Summer Training (BlueS&T) held from 6th to 10th September 2021 in Ostend, Belgium will be organised by the WECANet COST Action CA17105. Applications are closed.


Training School
"Hands-on course on experimental and numerical modelling of wave-structure interaction"

The Training School aims at providing a basic introduction on experimental and numerical modelling approaches for simulating wave-structure interactions. The course has a duration of 5 days (12th-16th July 2021), with 6 hours of training per day, and it is going to be held in Florence (Italy) by using the LABIMA wave flume and the DualSPHysics Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) software package. Applications are closed.

6th Call for Short Term ScientifIC mISSIONS (STSMs) applications

The 6th WECANet STSM applications call is for Missions occurring between 01/06/2021 and 15/09/2021 is closed. Deadline for applications to be submitted: 15/05/2021.


Recommendations by the COST Association related to event/activities organisation and reimbursement - COVID-19 measures


GENERAL assembly

The 3rd WECANet Annual Assembly from 26-27 November 2020 took place online. Prof. Lorenzo Cappietti of the University of Florence, prof. Eva Loukogeorgaki from the University of Thessaloniki, and Dr. Vicky Stratigaki from Ghent University were the “online local” organizers. The Book of Abstracts is now online!

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NEW ENCORe Project

Through its Interreg 2 Seas Programme, Europe has awarded €5.9 million to the ENCORE project: Energising Coastal Regions with Offshore Renewable Energy.


The 2nd WECANet Annual Assembly took place at the University of Porto from 28-29 November 2019. The local organizer was Prof. Francisco Taveira Pinto and Dr. Matt Folley chaired the Assembly.  

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